Arrow Lakes Maps

In 2009, Nakusp Paddling Club, with the help of a grant from Columbia Basin Trust, commissioned local cartographer and geographer Kyle Kusch to prepare a set of maps for paddlers on the Arrow Lakes.

We provide these maps for your use and enjoyment. Information is accurate at time of printing, but is subject to change.

Paddling Maps for the Arrow Lakes        View      Download

Note: This is merely a guide for information purposes. The Nakusp Paddling Club Society is not responsible for the safety or activity of lake users, and does not warrant the complete accuracy of this document. Therefore, be mindful when using this or any document to plan your activities. Please be cautious and safe when recreating. Wilderness recreation is inherently dangerous, and you may come into contact with unexpected conditions at any time. It is your responsibility to know about local conditions and regulations regarding recreational activities and land access.

Happy Paddling!